Institute faculty

Primary Members

Arun Kumar Pati


Research areas: Quantum Computing, Quantum Information, Quantum Communication and Foundations of Quantum Theory

Indranil Chakrabarty

Associate Professor

Research areas: Quantum Information, Quantum Communication, Quantum Networks, Quantum Internet, Quantum Correlations, Broadcasting of Quantum Correlations, Characterization of Quantum Resources, Quantum Secret Sharing, Impossible Operations in Quantum Information Theory, Quantum Conditional Entropies, Absolute Class of States, Classical Information Theory, Fisher Information

Samyadeb Bhattacharya

Assistant Professor

Research areas: Open Quantum Systems, Quantum Thermodynamics, Entanglement Theory, Quantum Resource Theories.

Shantanav Chakraborty

Assistant Professor

Research areas: Quantum Algorithms, Quantum Computation, Quantum Walks

Uttam Singh

Assistant Professor

Research areas: Quantum Thermodynamics, Computational Complexity Theory, Open Quantum Systems, Measurement Problem, Quantum Resource Theories, Continuous Variable Quantum Information Theory

Affiliated Members